I would like to welcome  you into my Pretty little shop of  Spiritualty &  Tranquillity . Here at  SEVEN  I’m sure that you will be able to find your perfect  Spiritual  tools, Gifts  &  Greeting Cards   - Crystal  Tumble Stones   - Wide Range Of Incense-  Handmade  Scented Candles - A Wide Selection Of  Gem Stone  Jewellery   - Angels, Fairies, Pixies , Cupids & Unicorn related  Things - Angel & Healing Meditation Cd's - Dreamcatchers  - Angel Cushions & Canvas Pictures -  Himalayan Salt Lamps / Tea Light holders / Soap  bars  & Bath salts( lKg pkts) - Buddhas- Large  Amethyst and Clear Quartz  Geodes - Sage / Smidge Sticks  & Negative Cleansing packs  - Pretty Angel Feather Wings- Fariy Dust-  Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards & Angel/ Spiritual Books - Lucky/ Worry Angel / Chinese  & Thai Buddha Pocket  Stones - Ancient Fossils which are  ideal for Grounding .  Agate Windchimes - your personal Guardian Angel Car Visor for Protection - Drifwood  Angel Wings  ( large & Small) & much more .      Here at SEVEN . I ( Cheryl) am  also pleased to offer a wide range of products for the "Circle of Life" from birth to our passing over. I stock  themed  gifts for Baby Showers, Christenings, Holy  Communions, Weddings, Anniversaries , Engagements, Moving Home, & Birthdays etc.            As I am a light worker and work closely with the Angelic realm I have always been drawn to feathers in general , therefore for the past 14 years I have made and sold Feather Fascinators for special occasions .   I  currently have in  stock over 100  Custom-made Fascinators  &  Evening Bags   ( prices from as little as £10)  I  also stock over 100 Beautiful Hats  ( prices from as little as £20) . I am the only supplier of  these  unique Fascinators  in Chislehurst Kent BR7 5 DW. I use  many exotic feathers, Ostrich, Maribou, Peacock Pheasant  to name but a few. These can also be trimmed with Crystals , Pearls etc .     Please note  if you are interesting in purchasing  Fascinators and  Hats  , please contact the shop in advance to arrange an appointment to show you the selection because  these items are not held on the shop floor.  Please call  mobile 07584056636 .                                NOW A BIT ABOUT ME:                  I  (Cheryl) the proprietor Of SEVEN a little piece of heaven , was born with my psychic gift .                        When  I was 7  years old I was visited by my Guardian  Angel and from then on became more and more spiritually aware and intuitive.  When I was 16 I began to sit a close psychic circle in Essex and this led me  to other development groups  where I Developenent my ability even further. From my early 20,s  I began to read privately for the  general public.  I  have been reading  for  over 38 years now .           I am a Clairvoyant  / Medium and my "mediumship” skills took off  in Year 2000  when my Dear Mum  past.   Then in 2010 it moved to  even greater heights  when I experienced  a  personal spiritual awakening .  It served as a confirmation to my life’s path and answered so many questions for me. This “awakening “ changed my life forever .  It was also at this time that I began to realise that photographs spoke to me . Since then  My speciality  when reading for you is the ability to read photographs  yourself or people past.    I attempt to communicate with the spirit of the deceased in the photo and link with their Light  and relay back to the sitter (you)  evidence as proof , that they have "NEVER LEFT US".   If the photo is of yourself  ( the sitter) I will attempt to read your photograph and look into your past, present and future, to accompany your photo reading I read Tarot / Oracle  cards Readings to provide  you with spiritual  guidance.    I offer Tarot/ Oracle card readings /  Mediumship & Spiritual /Psychic /Crystal Healing/ Reiki Healing / Colour  Readings/ Crystal Readings.  I provide  both indivual & group  offsite 1- 2 hour Meditation  Sessions,  for  your spiritual/ emotional needs. These are appointment only .  Please  allow  yourself a minimum of 1 hr for a reading.            This year I will be starting up a local off-site  weekly evening  development class .  You will be encouraged by myself, how to  tap into your higher-  self  ; open your third eye &  hopefully successfully development  your psychic abilities  and become more in tune with the Universe  and Angelic Realm.    I will   Also endeavour to help you understand  about crystals  and how to use them &  about their healing properties .                           If any of the above interests you please come into the shop and I will be more than happy to chat further .     Love & Light                       CHERYL                                     ( Stafford-Hill) 

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